Who Owns Maserati

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    Although Maserati and Alfa Romeo are in a brand group, Alfa Romeo is structured under FCA Italy S.p.A., which itself is structured under FCA, whereas Maserati is structured solely under FCA..

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    Honda also owns Acura. Hyundai. Hyundai, based in of South Korea, released its first car in cooperation with Ford in 1968. Today, Hyundai Motor Company .

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    Ferrari owns Maserati. Ferrari cars use the same engines V8’s as the Maserati’s do. So you’ll find that the F Italia use the same engine as the Maserati Gran Turismo and Quattroporte..

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    When, in 1914, the Maserati brothers founded the Officine Alfieri Maserati in the heart of Bologna, Italy, they could hardly have imagined the impact they would have on the world. Alfieri, Ettore, Ernesto and Bindo were four brothers united by their unrelenting passion for cars and engines..